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One-of-a-kind piece of furniture

Quality of craftmanship with the fine pairing of the artiste. 

It runs in the blood, isn't that what they say?

My family's blood line of working with their hands goes back many generations. From stone and wood carvers to architects and carpenters, painters, magazine editors, healers and hand sewing tailors. I love the fact that all these ancestors live in my sole and I get to tap into the talent that has been handed down to me.

My name is 

Susan Sinclair  

After thirty-two years as an upholsterer, I wanted to create my own unique pieces.

It all started with a few free chairs, some paint, fabric remnants and lots of fun! They say do what you love. Well' here I am! 

Putting the chic in antique


Welcome to Sinclair Chic!

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